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According to Reddit: 7 Best Fan Theories About Reboots

Fans have a lot of theories about the highly anticipated HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot and they’re sharing their thoughts and predictions on Reddit.

While nothing will top the wild storylines and intense drama of the original, it’s definitely been interesting to tune into HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot. While the mystery of Gossip Girl’s identity is revealed in the very first episode, as everyone learns that Kate Keller and the other teachers are behind the social media account, there are still many opportunities for intelligent and compelling fan theories.

With such high hopes for the reboot’s first season and viewers enjoying part 2, several fans have shared their theories on Reddit. There are some great ideas about how the first season could wrap up and whether Kate will admit that she’s GG.

The Show Is All About Julien

Julien Calloway is one of the best Gossip Girl reboot characters and season 1’s story revolves around Julien, her relationship to Zoya, and her desire to maintain the power in her social circle.

Before season 1 began streaming on HBO Max, Reddit user Kcatlol posted, “I think the main storyline of the first season will be Julien being dethroned as Queen.” This is definitely what has happened and it’s an interesting callback to the original series when Blair Waldorf always wants to be the one in charge and she’s threatened by many people and situations along the way.

Julien And Zoya’s Sibling Connection

Several Gossip Girl fans figured out that Julien and Zoya would be related before the first episode aired. Reddit user Kcatlol wrote, “I’ve seen alot of people speculating that Zoya and Julien may be half sisters, which I think would be a interesting dynamic.”

While fans love watching Blair and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s dramatic friendship, the fact that the two main characters in the reboot are half-sisters adds something fresh and unique.

Someone Will Discover Who Gossip Girl Is

It’s interesting to think about when the main characters will learn who Gossip Girl really is. In the original, Dan Humphrey’s reveal happens in the series finale, but since the reboot allows viewers to see that the teachers are behind the account in the pilot episode, it seems like this information might come out much earlier.
Reddit user caosemeralds thinks that this reveal will happen at the end of season 1 and wrote, “one character will resolve to figure out gossip girl’s true identity by the end of the season, setting up a cat and mouse game for s2. i’m guessing either aki’s dad (since gg is now reporting on crimes and actual news now LOL) or julien (b/c of the smear campaign).” This definitely sounds like it could happen.

Zoya Will Meet Someone New

The best Gossip Girl couples have famous scenes, and maybe by the time that season 2 of the reboot begins streaming, Zoya will have a great relationship.

When thinking about how season 1 of the reboot will end, Reddit user hyoies wrote, “zoya needs a new character to interact with but i doubt she’ll get a new love interest until season 2. when she does, it’ll be a genuine romance.” This is something that fans would love to see happen.

Kate And Jordan Team Up More

While viewers don’t learn as much about the teachers as they do about the students in the Gossip Girl reboot, Kate and Jordan Glassberg are the show’s more compelling adult characters. Jordan has a moral compass and doesn’t always believe that this is the best way to approach the fact that the students have gotten out of control.

Reddit user hyoies thinks that by the end of season 1, “jordan fully turns against the other teachers to support kate” and it doesn’t work as they aren’t the ones in control of the account by the time that the season wraps up.

Max’s Parents Won’t Stay Broken Up

In the season 1 episode “Lies Wide Shut,” Max realizes that his parents Gideon and Roy are having trouble in their relationship and it’s heartbreaking to watch them. Fans love these characters and definitely hope for a happy resolution.

Reddit user caosemeralds posted the fan theory that things will work out between these characters and wrote, “max’s parents make up.”

Could Kate Reveal Herself As Gossip Girl?

Fans are torn about Dan being Gossip Girl, and people aren’t so sure about Kate being the one behind this account, either. It’s possible that by the end of season 1, Kate will get so upset that she will let everyone know what she has been doing.

One Redditor said, “I feel like Kate might end up turning herself and everyone involved in GG out of guilt tbh.”