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Americans Unite Return Government To The People

Tired of paying too much in taxes while your government continues to waste your hard-earned money and not listen to what you want? Do something about it, says a provocative new website working to give the power back to the people. Voter says there are four simple things you can do to take back your government from corporate lobbyists, special interest groups and dishonest politicians.

1. Unite and vote. In a two- party system only one side can win, but no matter who wins, nothing changes. By voting together on major issues at voter, both parties can win no matter who’s elected. You win by getting both candidates to commit to what you want.

There are many issues to vote on. An affordable national health care and prescription drug plan that cuts costs for all Americans, illegal immigration, government waste, unfair taxes, identity theft and many others.

2. Spread the word. Forward the website to everyone you know and tell them to do the same.

3. Support with a donation to keep you informed on what experts say about the issues, and help produce a TV show based on helping you get what you need. You can also purchase Get Out The Vote apparel, CDs, books, souvenirs and many other items.

4. Vote out politicians who vote against what you want. This sends a clear message that you will hold them accountable for their actions. Don’t you think it’s time?