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Animated Movies And Technology – What Is The World Coming To?

Will we be in the movies ourselves someday?

Not in the sense of being an actor or actress, but in the sense that if we look back at the past and then, at the technological advancements of CGI animated movies, there is really only one direction that it can be heading in.

With the advances in computer technology in the animated movie industry today, and considering that there were no computers at all in 1892 when the first projected animated movie was publicly shown, then also comparing the first animation of Charles Emile Reynaud’s “Pauvre Pierrot” with some of the new animated movies like Disney’s “Toy Story 3” Or Dreamworks Animation’s new “Megamind”, then it seems that anything is possible.

A lot has been accomplished in the last 118 years and it don’t seem like it is slowing up much. If you consider that in the beginning animation was a 2D visual sensation and that was pretty much it. You seen flat images on a screen go by quickly to create the effects of moving objects and that was all.

But today, it is a different technology, it is a new age of High Definition, iMac Wrap Around, 3D Stereoscopic Glasses with a 7.1 Quad Channel Surround Sound System, Blue Ray Digital Experience.

Now, I ask you, What is the world coming to?

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With technologically advanced animated movies today turning 3D (this is equal to saying the best possible graphics on your screen, made to seem like they are coming out of the screen), there is only one possible path for the movie industry to take if they are to keep advancing in technology and that is holographic.

Years ago the holodeck on the Star Trek series was just science fiction, but as technology moves on, there is no telling what tomorrow may bring. It may be, that one day televisions will be replaced with a type of projector that will be mounted in your ceiling like a light fixture.

The projector may then project the movie (or game) all around you, in whatever room you have it mounted in. Then consider how AI has advanced in games and computer programs, it is entirely possible that in the future, you do not just watch a movie, but actively play a role in it, possibly making the outcome of the movie different depending on your choices, similar to how some computer games work now.

Seeing how great many of these new movies are now, it may be a lot of fun in the future being in the animated movies, but if we are heading in that direction of playing a role in these new movies of tomorrow, I think for now I will stop watching so many horror movies.

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