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Change Your Life With Some Great New Golf Tips

Good golfing means good golf tips and to find them there are some definite things you need to do. The best golf tips may not grow on trees but there are tons out there for you and all you have to do is look for them, and not that hard either.

They are literally everywhere! Some of the best golf tips will be a little harder to find than some of the others but you will have no problem finding hundreds of golf tips that will change the way that you play golf forever. Of course the more time you spend looking for your golf tips the more of them you are bound to come across and keep in mind that the more you learn the better your golf game is going to be.

SO golf tips can make a big difference, but where can you start your search for them? One of the first places that you should look for golf tips is online. There is a plethora of knowledge on the internet and it can all be yours if you type in a few simple keywords. After that all you need to do is a little light reading.

There is no easier way for you to find out all of the top ways to play golf and win. You will be able to get answers to some of the golf questions that have been stumping you for years and years when you do the looking online. There is virtually nothing that you cannot find and learn from online in just a few minutes flat. That kinds of speed and efficiency is priceless, just think of all the time you will have left out there on the links!

Another fantastic place to get some great golf advice is at the local public library. You will find a billion books filled with golf tips and advice at the library and you will never have to pay for any of it. You can take out all of the books you want and they will all be totally free of charge! Not all libraries have the same books either, so be sure to look at more than one library to see all of the selection available to you free. You may be able to look at the books the library has available online too so ask at the library if they have online access. This way you will be able to save all kinds of time and energy. You can even get the books put on hold online often, this will allow you to make sure you get the books you want when you need them the most.

Remember that you can use library books for golf advice and tips even if you don’t have an actual library card. You will not be able to take them out of the building but they can be read inside as much as you want. You can even photocopy pages to take home if you want to.

Golf Specific Fitness Is Underrated

Golf specific fitness is mainstream on tour! There is no way around it! To play your best, you’ve got to be in better golf shape! Golf is physical…and requires both dynamic strength and flexibility.

Gone are the days of the 19th hole! That’s if you want to be top dog in your foursome. Instead of going to the 19th hole after your round, why not do some cool down stretches so you’re ready for the next round?

I’m not saying you have to be a fanatic, but just realize there is a definite “physical component” to optimal golf performance. The demand on the body to swing a club at upwards of 100 mph and stay in your golf posture is huge.

A golf specific fitness program incorporating golf exercise and golf stretching will maximize your body’s ability to produce awesome power where it counts…at impact!

What is golf specific fitness?

I can tell you it’s not going to a gym and doing a seated chest press. It’s not spending 2 hours everyday beating yourself up. It’s not lifting heavy weights. But it does require a commitment. Just like anything else worth achieving.

That phrase, “if it were easy, everybody would be doing it” is so true.

With over 70 million baby boomers who want to enjoy life, be healthier and a big majority of them playing golf…golf specific fitness “kills two birds with one stone”. A fitter, stronger body and an awesome golf game. What better way to spend your quality years?

Golf specific fitness incorporates dynamic strength and flexibility; muscular endurance directly related to your golf swing; balance; coordination: stability; and a much improve sequence of timing to produce maximum power through the impact zone.

Golf specific fitness does not require heavy weights, but improving your golf swing strength is always a goal. Being stronger in your golf swing takes a unique approach that is not accomplished with a general fitness program.

The main focus should be on “rotational” strength and flexibility!

The golf swing is a high-speed rotational movement. The goal for maximum distance is to create a higher level of torque and be able to store and unleash it at the right moment in time.

This requires a major emphasis on core rotational movements with resistance. This is the ONLY way to improve your backswing AND follow through range of motion and power. These movements should be done sitting on a stability ball; standing erect; getting in your golf posture; and even on one leg.

It kills me to see a trainer do a bicep curl with a golf client. This will NOT help your golf swing. Just take a look at the position your wrist is in doing a standard bicep curl. It’s turned out very awkwardly (and uncomfortably).

Do you grip a golf club like this? Then why would you do this exercise? If you’re a golfer, you wouldn’t!

How about a seated chest press on a machine?

I’ve seen golfers in the gym doing this one.

Golf is “on your feet”, using every major muscle group in your body in a certain sequence of motion. How would a “seated” chest press on a “controlled” machine help your golf swing?

It wouldn’t!

Golf specific fitness will get your body moving powerfully through your golf swing for 18 holes. Your swing will become more consistent. You will add a ton of yards to all your clubs…especially your driver. And your incident of injury will plummet.

Isn’t this reason enough to get start on a program of golf specific fitness?