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Chris Rock shuts down fans cursing Will Smith during comedy show

Chris Rock is still taking the high road.

The “Down to Earth” star appeared in Boston again Thursday night and shut down audiences condemning Will Smith, People reported.

The fan shouted, “F–k Will Smith,” but Rock had none, replying, “No, no, no, no, no…”

The famous comedian, 57, spoke to Smith, 53, slapping him at the 2022 Oscars for the first time on Wednesday in his first appearance since the incident, telling fans he is “still processing” what happened at Sunday’s awards show.

Rock later told his audience that he would eventually talk about the slap, but “now I’m going to tell you a few jokes.”

Smith made no comment beyond his public apology to Rock, but the Academy has since made several statements condemning the “King Richard” star’s actions and later claiming it asked him to leave but he “refused.” Sources later told TMZ, however, that the organization’s statement was a lie.

Three insiders who reportedly attended Sunday’s ceremony and “witnessed various conversations” told the outlet that some wanted Smith to leave but others didn’t.

The source also alleged that the show’s producer Will Packer had told Smith “he could stay.”

Packer, 47, will appear on Friday’s “Good Morning America” ​​to share his version of the dramatic event, but a teaser already suggests he’s discussing having the LAPD arrest Smith if Rock had decided to press charges (he didn’t).

“They said, ‘This is a battery,’ is the word they used at the time,” Packer claims. “[The officer] said, ‘We will arrest him, we are ready to arrest him now.’”