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Top 50 Maximum Rated Korean Dramas Of All Time

There had been a few first-rate Korean dramas over the years, shows that have left us on the brink of our seats or curled up at the sofa with a box of tissues. No rely the occasion, there are some Korean dramas that stand out and hit a chord with audiences throughout the globe – and in Korea too.

With hotly contested TV rankings warring among different channels, the desire to hit the top spot of the k-drama mountain has never been more competitive.

Join us as we have fun the pinnacle 50 highest rated Korean dramas. The rankings are compiled way to Nielsen and completely based totally on cable TV. At the time of writing, those figures are correct and up to date.

However, if you’re searching out the dramas we’d don’t forget to be the pleasant, we’ve a separate article for that here: Best Korean dramas of all time!

50 – Oh My GhostNetwork – tvNRating – 7.337percentFinal Episode Air Date – sixteenth September 2018

Another romantic comedy, Oh My Ghost combines romance with a greater supernatural area that facilitates this one stand out as barely specific.

The most important protagonist here is Na Bong-Sun who works as an assistant chef. With no close pals and steady berating from her boss, conceited big name chef Kang Sun-Woo, Bong-Sun’s lifestyles virtually isn’t perfect. To make topics worse, she from time to time reveals herself being capable of see ghosts, way to her shaman grandmother.

One day, Bong-Sun finishes up possessed by using the lustful virgin ghost Shin Soon-Ae, who comes to a decision to use Bon-Sun’s frame as a vessel to seduce as many guys as possible. One of these men happens to be Sun-Woo, who starts to take a shining to him.

With a mystery gluing the entirety collectively, Oh My Ghost combines this with a romantic-sliced drama well to make for a actually fun watch.

forty nine – It’s Okay to Not Be OkayNetwork – tvNRating – 7.348%Final Episode Air Date – 9th August 2020

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay sincerely doesn’t shrink back from portraying critical intellectual fitness troubles and it does so in a totally natural way. From emotional and physical abuse to learning difficulties, the drama tackles those perfectly with one message in mind. Just just like the title itself, it’s miles k to now not be k and to searching for help, whether professionally or from the guide of buddies and family.

The tale revolves round brothers Moon Kang-Tae and Moon Sang-Tae. They have lived by myself due to the fact they have been very young. After their mother passed away, Kang-Tae has been doing the first-rate he can, shielding and looking after his older brother.

The collection has an unique and heartwarming premise with amazing man or woman progression and exciting themes. It’s no longer smooth to painting mental fitness problems but this drama does a high-quality job depicting this in its rawest shape, helped along through some awesome acting from the entire cast.

You can examine our mind on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay in our complete season evaluate right here!

forty eight – My MisterNetwork – tvNRating – 7.352%Final Episode Air Date – 17th May 2018

My Mister is a classic healing drama, one which basically revolves around three center aged guys and a strong cold girl named Lee Ji-An.

The tale itself predominantly revolves round married man Dong-Hun whose global is turned the other way up when his wife Yoon-Hee (who’s secretly having an affair with a senior govt at Dong-Hun’s work) wishes a divorce. Even worse, she desires to marry this man, Joon-Young.

As Dong-Hun grapples with this reality, his jobless oldest brother, Sang-Hoon, is likewise separated from his wife. Meanwhile, youngest brother Gi-Hoon has desires of turning into a movie director. Together, these kind of characters come collectively where drama glaringly ensues.

Throughout the series the reasoning at the back of Yoon-Hee’s affair soon becomes clean while IU’s appearing because the cold Ji-An truely helps ignite this drama.

forty seven – The Good DetectiveNetwork – JTBCRating – 7.609p.cFinal Episode Air Date – twenty fifth August 2020

Although perhaps a bit slow for some, this police-centric series excels via its extraordinary chemistry between actors. And that’s just as properly because whilst you absolutely observe the plot then it does sense a bit messy compared to others in its discipline.

Specifically, the series facilities on Do-Chang, who has labored as a detective for the beyond 18 years. He turned into born and raised in Incheon, the usage of his understanding and enjoy to analyze cases.

Alongside him is elite detective, Ji-Hyeok who has nine years of enjoy. Unlike Do-Chang, he investigates instances using evidence and perception into the crook’s psyche. Due to trauma from his formative years, he’s quite cold and remote.

Rounding out this trio is newspaper reporter Seo-Kyung who’s enthusiastic about her paintings and a veteran in her subject.

Undoubtedly fun even though, The Good Detective genuinely gained recognition over the weeks.forty six – Arthdal ChroniclesNetwork – tvNRating – 7.705%Final Episode Air Date – 22nd September 2019

Dubbed as the Korean Game Of Thrones, Arthdal Chronicles leans much heavier into its excessive delusion principles and mixes that in with a health dose of complicated political drama.

The tale is admittedly pretty convoluted and could punish you if you’re not paying attention throughout each minute of its episodes.

Set in the fictional land of Arthdal throughout Ancient instances, the story sees a army pressure led with the aid of Tagon rise up and capture manipulate of the land. Prophesied to carry balance back to the arena, Eunseom and Tanya front the Wahan Tribe, a non violent colony, locate themselves getting ready to extinction.

All of this builds as much as quite the dramatic conclusion to round things out with. Given a 2d season has already been inexperienced-lit, this isn’t the closing we’ll see of this Korean drama!

You can examine our mind on Arthdal Chronicles in our full season review right here!45 – LiveNetwork – tvNRating – 7.730percentFinal Episode Air Date – sixth May 2018

South Korean police drama Live is a properly written, emotionally charged series following a handful of law enforcement officials as they warfare to stability their personal lives with the stresses that come with being a civil servant.

The story predominantly revolves around a handful of hopeful police cadets as they start their new lives as officers underneath the watchful eye in their Captain, Oh Yang-chon. As the collection progresses, we also meet different key characters, along with feisty Han Jung-oh who performs the empowering girl officer.

With a blend of impressively shot drama, a sprinkling of well written comedy and some believable individual improvement, Live does properly to fill its run-time with unique moments.

You can study our thoughts on Live in our full season evaluation here!44 – The Devil JudgeNetwork – tvNRating – 7.960%Final Episode Air Date – twenty second August 2021

The Devil Judge is an interesting social and political exam of what would manifest if court instances have been turned into a truth show. Not handiest does this show cleverly weave satire and drama together, it does so with a first rate important mystery and some great acting.

Set put up-COVID times, Kang Yo-Han is ur major individual and he’s a righteous man, punishing the corrupt and grasping men in society. Only, he holds a quite dark mystery about his past which stops him from emotionally connecting with those round him.