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TV shows to enjoy during winter break

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Winter break is a great time to spend with family, meet up with friends from home and enjoy the holidays. But, it is also a great time to catch up on all the movies and TV shows you couldn’t watch while you were busy studying at school. Here are five movie and TV show recommendations to watch while you are home during winter break, all of which can be found on Kanopy, which you can access for free with your Syracuse University NetID and password.

“Hereditary” (2018)
A modern horror classic, this film is sure to scare even the most avid of scary movie watchers. Directed by Ari Aster, the movie is a haunting and thrilling ride that displays the strange lives of a grief-stricken family and the supernatural issues they experience. The movie has fantastic performances from Toni Collette and Alex Wolff that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Not all horror movies pull you in and make you feel truly scared, but this movie will. “Hereditary” is the perfect watch on a cold, snowy day over break.

“Moonlight” (2016)
One of the most popular and talked about movies of the past decade, “Moonlight” is a perfect movie that shines a light on those who don’t always feel like they have a voice. From A24 — the same production company as “Hereditary” — the movie follows a young Black man as he experiences difficult circumstances regarding race, family, childhood and sexuality. It is a true masterpiece, directed by the critically-acclaimed Barry Jenkins. The movie beautifully and gut-wrenchingly shows how difficult it is when you feel like you don’t belong or that you’re not welcomed. This Academy Award-winner is always an amazing watch that will make an impact on your winter break.

“The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” (2020)
HBO consistently puts out amazing documentaries about famous politicians, musicians and celebrities, and this documentary is no different. The documentary follows the ups and downs of one of the most famous bands of all time: the Bee Gees. Everyone knows their most famous songs, including “Stayin’ Alive” and “More Than a Woman,” but not everyone knows how these songs came to be and what happened behind the scenes. The documentary shows how the band grieves with the loss of family members, how they handle stardom, the pressures of being one of the most popular bands in the world and the importance of family. If you are a fan of the band or music in general, this is a perfect watch for any day during winter break.

“Art21” (Seasons 1-6)
“Art21” is a show that highlights some of the best artists of today. Each episode follows a different artist and takes you through their processes and the pieces they create. This show is not just for those who like art because it shows the working process and how ideas come to life, which is a process that many people have gone through and can relate to. In addition, the show features modern artists, which means their art sometimes ties in with current events and relevant topics. “Art21” is something to put on for a couple episodes or to watch all in one day. You can’t go wrong with this amazing look into the art of our world.

“The Cost of Winning” (2020)
This four-part documentary series follows the 2019 St. Frances Academy Panthers high school football team, located in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore. The series shows the journey the team embarks upon to succeed as a great team and uplift their community. This series is perfect for everyone, as it can apply to those who love football and sports, as well as those who love seeing people beat the odds. This series is full of hope and character and you will be sure to have a full heart after watching.

During the pandemic, watching movies is a favorite choice for many people to spend their time. If you are getting bored with the romantic genre and predictable storylines, you can watch the best films of this year.

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Besides being able to be watched streaming, the collection of films above can be downloaded for later viewing, both on cellphones and television.