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Why Netflix’s Emily In Paris Avoided COVID Storytelling in Season 2

Emily In Paris will have another COVID-free season.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the world for about two years now and, for many Hollywood creatives, it’s been hard to ignore. With this, a number of TV series within the 2020-21 season opted to integrate the pandemic into its storylines, as doing so would more effectively establish that the shows are meant to mirror our own realities. Others, however, decided to let COVID be either a thing of the past or totally non-existent in their fictional universes, which was the case for Lily Collins’ Emily In Paris.

The romantic dramedy, which sees Lily Collins play the titular character who finds herself getting her dream job in the City of Lights, did not include the Coronavirus during the first season last year. This is likely due to the fact that it wrapped filming ahead of the pandemic. Though surprisingly, the upcoming second season, which filmed this year, will also avoid it. Now, Collins has explained the keen reasoning for this in a recent interview with Variety:

It honestly makes sense as to why there’s no mention of the health crisis in the first second season of Emily In Paris. TV is indeed a form of escapism, and people have definitely had mixed feelings when it comes to producers including the pandemic on shows and in movies. The reception varies due to the respective storylines. For some shows, it works because it feels organic and natural but, for others, it may seem forced. Given its lighter tone, it’s probably best that the Netflix series chose not to move in that direction.

Of course, though the virus didn’t play a role in the plot, it still makes things a tad difficult when it comes to filming, since the cast and crew still need to be kept safe while working. Lily Collins discussed what it’s like filming a show that has a COVID-free world in a world that’s not free of the virus. And it’s as confusing as you’d think:

Despite the somewhat disorienting and difficult filming process, it’s worth it to keep everyone safe and give fans a series they can immerse themselves in. It’s also worth mentioning that as some shows decided to completely or almost entirely avoid the pandemic, others have now decided to move into a post-COVID world. While the global health crisis may be far from over, it’s good to know that TV can serve as outlet for those who are need it, and it’s to sure increase viewers’ hopes that we’ll get back to a sense of normalcy sooner rather than later.

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Christmas 2021: We have prepared a list of our favourite movies that are a fit for a post-Christmas dinner watch with kids.

Christmas 2021: The festival of happiness is here. Every year, Christmas is celebrated on December 25. This year, the Christmas celebrations across the world will be extra-special, especially after last year when we had to spend Christmas in isolation, away from our loved ones. With the scare of the coronavirus lowering, people are looking forward to the celebrations of Christmas this year.

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