Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State Promises to Reward Loyalty in Appointment of Personal Aides

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State Promises to Reward Loyalty in Appointment of Personal Aides

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has suggested the individuals of the state to not be stunned in the event that they see previous faces in his new government council. Talking at his maiden Authorities Home Covenant Service, Governor Eno stated that his appointment of non-public aides can be purely primarily based on reward.

On the service, which had the theme “The God of New Beginnings,” the governor assured the people who he can be working with everybody else to arrange a brand new agenda and that he can be bringing in a little bit tweak.

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He stated, “Don’t count on that sort of miracle that you simply don’t need to see previous faces once more it ought to be new faces, it received’t work like that. We’d like the knowledge of the previous to navigate the brand new and so that you’ll see a blended grill of the brand new and the previous.”

Governor Eno additionally confused that he can be rewarding exhausting work, dedication, and selflessness whereas making certain that he wouldn’t depart individuals who had been with him by means of thick and skinny for many who have CVs. He went additional to clarify that the appointment of Private Assistants would come as a reward.

Reflecting on the mercies of God all through the electioneering marketing campaign, the Governor thanked God for retaining the state and appreciated the Fathers in religion for his or her prayers. He assured the people who God would lead the state to an important top because the theme of the service states, “the God of New Beginnings”.

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In his homily, Primate Emmanuel Udofia of The African Church spoke on the theme, “The God of New Beginnings” culled his textual content from Gen. 1: 1, and Judges 16: 22-30. The cleric admonished {that a} man who connects with God would obtain the grace that will maintain him all through his endeavors.

The service was attended by the First Girl, Pastor (Mrs) Persistence Umo Eno; Deputy Governor, Dr Akon Eyakenyi; Secretary to the State Authorities, Prince Enobong Uwah; political stalwarts; non secular leaders, pals and associates of Governor Umo Eno amongst different individuals.

It’s certainly a brand new starting within the state, and Governor Eno’s appointment of his government council members and private aides will probably be primarily based on exhausting work, dedication, and selflessness. The appointment of Private Assistants will come as a reward, and he is not going to depart individuals who had been with him by means of thick and skinny for many who have CVs.

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Because the governor of the state, Eno is wanting ahead to working with everybody else to arrange a brand new agenda. He believes that the knowledge of the previous is required to navigate the brand new and is prepared to usher in a mixture of new and previous faces to attain this.

The governor’s maiden Authorities Home Covenant Service had the theme “The God of New Beginnings.” It was a chance for the Governor to replicate on the mercies of God all through the electioneering marketing campaign, thank God for retaining the state, recognize the Fathers in religion for his or her prayers, and guarantee the people who God would lead the state to an important top.

The service was attended by the First Girl, Deputy Governor, Secretary to the State Authorities, political stalwarts, non secular leaders, pals, and associates of Governor Umo Eno. It was certainly a time of reflection, hope, and a brand new starting for the state.

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