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Optimus Prime Pushed To The Brink In Battle With 1 Decepticon – Cinemasoon

Optimus Prime Pushed To The Brink In Battle With 1 Decepticon – Cinemasoon

Warning! Potential spoilers forward for Transformers #3

The Transformers Energon Universe is upon readers, with Transformers #1 hitting cabinets quickly, and already solicitations for problem #3 have arrived. The story promised inside is poised to very large ramifications for the franchise shifting ahead. Optimus Prime will discover himself pushed to the brink after being stranded on Earth, however how far the Autobot chief prepared to go remains to be up for debate.

A lot of what author/artist Daniel Warren Johnson has deliberate for the Robots in Disguise stays underneath wraps, although it seems Johnson’s take could possibly be darker than many followers would possibly anticipate.

Judging from the solicits for December’s Transformers #3, the Autobots arrival on Earth will deliver them into rapid battle with their adversaries, the Decepticons.

Solicitations for Transformers #1 trace that Optimus Prime can be coping with the fallout of some previous failure, it seems that Johnson’s take is likely to be darker than many followers expect. In the meantime, the advance synopsis for Transformers #3 guarantees he’ll discover himself battling a Decepticon risk, stating: “Outnumbered and overpowered, it’s time for the Autobots to face their floor, as Optimus Prime goes toe to toe with Skywarp!” A lot of the preliminary artwork launched to date has depicted brutal scenes of robotic fight, with every Transformer displaying some extreme battle harm. But probably the most brutal a part of all is likely to be what Johnson does with the story itself.

Because the Energon Transformers period dawns, Optimus Prime is caught with a small band of Autobots on an odd and hostile world, reigniting the previous conflicts when he discovers the Decepticons are on Earth as effectively. It’s attainable that astute readers may use the scarce data obtainable to take a position concerning the occasions of the primary a number of problems with Skybound’s Transformers. It’s attainable, as an example, that Optimus Prime would possibly even go too far and wind up killing the Decepticon Skywarp. Whereas this will appear to be a wild guess, contemplating the proof offered thus far, it’s maybe not as far-fetched as some would possibly assume.

The language of Optimus Prime going “toe to toe” with a low-ranking Decepticon like Skywarp is an odd alternative – the significance positioned on this seeming mismatch means that the confrontation may result in extra severe ramifications down the road. If Prime does certainly go too far and truly kill Skywarp of their battle, this might increase the stakes significantly for everybody concerned. For one, the Decepticons could be additional motivated to proceed their marketing campaign in opposition to the Autobots, and Prime himself could be confronted with what he perceives as one other “failure” in his duties as a noble chief. Then, in fact, there are additionally the folks of Earth, newly embroiled within the battle.

Skybound Leisure has already revealed that the rebooted Transformers’ continuity will see a brand new iteration of the Autobots’ perennial human ally Spike Witwicky. Additional, Skybound’s upcoming Duke miniseries has promised to spotlight the existential horror of people’ first encounter with the Robots in Disguise. It’s attainable Optimus Prime’s confrontation with Skywarp may have repercussions not only for the combatants, however for the folks of Earth. Whether or not Optimus Prime winds up killing the Decepticon Skywarp stays to be seen, however what is obvious is that this new Energon Universe period of Transformers guarantees to shake the franchise up in a significant means going ahead.

Transformers #3 can be obtainable December 6, 2023 from Skybound Leisure.

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